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MUSIC - SONG FOR YOUTH - Music for Concert Band and Choir

Song For Youth
Song for Youth Brief History
SFY - Full Score Page 1
SFY - Full Score Page 4
SFY - 1st Trumpet Score
SFY - Alto Sax Score
SFY - Flute Score
SFY - Trombone Score
SFY - Lyrics Sheet
SFY - Instrumentation

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 Song For Youth was written by Christopher Binns in 1985 for 
International Youth Year. Composed especially for youth choir with 
piano and band accompaniment, it is an exuberant and joyful 
expression of optimism and resilience for the “youth of the world”. 
The song has been performed widely in a variety of arrangements, 
ranging from unison youth choir with piano, to large choral forces 
supported by combined concert wind bands. 
The work can be further augmented by the addition of a 4-part choir 
with parts for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.  
Often presented as a finale to a concert, this energetic and powerful 
musical statement ensures that concerts end on a high note for 
performers and audience alike. 

It is also avaliable for unison youth choir with piano accompaniment.

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